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Company Profile

Company Profile

Name of enterprise Marsh Communications T.G. LLC
C.E.O. Yukari MARSH (Ms.)
Establishment August, 2012
Business Purpose

Operating English School
Translation, Interpretation, Tour Guide Services
Interpreters/tour guides dispatch services
Human resource development services
Operating seminars/events
Corporate English consulting

Corporate Office 933-1, Nagahama, Yomitan, Okinawa, Japan

Phone (+81) 90-1948-3779
Mail infomctg.biz


Corporate History

1994 Start in business as Marsh English Class
2000 Start in translating business as Yukari Marsh English Translation Service
The first major work includes G8 Summit 2000 in Okinawa website
2005 Obtain Tour Guide Interpreter National License
Okinawa Prefecture License Number: EN00029
2006 Establish Marsh Communication Network
Providing 3 fields in English <teaching, translating tour guiding>
2007 Work in establishing Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association (OIGA)
as one of the founders
Coordinating Tour Guide Skill-up Seminar program for OIGA
2008 Become a member of Japan Federation of Guide (JFG)
2010 Launch corporate English consulting service
2012 Establish Marsh Communications T.G. LLC

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